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Deprecated, todo...


  • Saber, daily borg backup to Ikachan
  • Miku, daily borg backup to Ikachan
  • Ikachan, daily borg backup to /backup and to Saber (/backup excluded)
  • Ikachan, monthly copy of /backup to OrangeBackupUSBDisk


  • Mikubook
    • Every hour /home borg backup to /media/sata/$USER/Backups
    • Every day / borg backup to /media/$USER/BACKUP/ (disk BACKUP_A or BACKUP_B connected)
    • Every month manual swapping of disks BACKUP_A and BACKUP_B on Mikubook-Ikachan


No backup strategy for now...

Android devices

  • OnePlus6, monthly adb pull to Mikubook /media/sata/$USER/Backups/Oneplus6
    $ adb pull -a /sdcard Oneplus6
    $ tar cvf - Oneplus6 | lz4 > Oneplus6.tar.lz4 && rm -rf Oneplus6
  • GalaxyTabS2, monthly adb backup in recovery (+tar.gz media) to Mikubook /media/sata/$USER/Backups
    $ adb backup --twrp --compress system data cache boot efs persist
    $ adb exec-out 'tar --create /sdcard1/media/0 2>/backup-errors.txt' | pigz > media.tar.gz
    $ adb shell 'dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0' | lz4 > mmcblk0.img.lz4
    $ adb shell 'dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk1' | lz4 > mmcblk1.img.lz4

Nextcloud is used for some data (photos, some synced folders) and all contacts, permanent synchronization.

Last update: 2021-02-20